Watermelon Mint Wine Cocktail

It’s July and we are hitting those triple digits people! I don’t know about you, but when it gets this hot out I feel like doing the bare minimum and still making sure I am cool as a cucumber. And with all these summer soirees we have to attend or host, this cocktail will make you feel fancy as heck (with surprisingly little prep and ingredients)!


Watermelon Mint Wine Cocktail

prep time: 4 mins | serves 2


1 cup watermelon juice, chilled

1 cup pink moscato wine, chilled

1 lime halved

handful of mint leaves

plenty of ice cubes


Fill two stemless wine or cocktail glasses with ice

Pour half of watermelon juice and pink moscato into each glass, distributing evenly

Squeeze in the juice of half a lime, coarsely chop mint leaves

Add and mix with a spoon

Garnish with some extra watermelon pieces + enjoy!


If you have a big party, we were able to make this cocktail for over 300 folks for Norman’s Art Walk! Math isn’t too hard right? We paired it with a nice vanilla wafer cookie.

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