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Peace + Love Cocktail

Cocktail Recipe

Spring is reserved for all things green and refreshing - grass growing back in, tax returns… returning, and salads consumption is at an all time high.  What a time to be alive!  Now is the time to return to your most natural, wonderful you. And we hope this drink can be the perfect counterpart to your groovy Spring!  PEACE… Read more »


This is one to maybe put in your back pocket for when the sun comes out but Friday was a perfect day for it.  It is a refreshing warm-day cocktail for sure!! WHATCHA’LL NEED: 1 bottle (750 ml) of Pinot Grigio (or Chardonnay) 1/4 c of fine sugar 1 c of pear nectar (or juice)… Read more »


We are a lil’ bit obsessed with lavender at the moment…the taste but also the scent.  The lavender simple syrup was the perfect touch of spring complimenting the gin we paired it with.  We are dreaming up a million wonderful things to use the lavender simple syrup in other than cocktails…coffee, ginger ale floats, lemonade,… Read more »

Rosey Gin Sour

  Well, this is a little late but just in time to make them before the summer has actually said farewell.  This drink is refreshing, surprising, and the perfect thing to sip on (assuming you are 21) after a day at the pool or a hard day at work or at a bbq or after… Read more »

Spicy Gin Cucumber Lemonade

Gosh, this last week flew by.  We thought we would get this recipe in case you are looking for a tasty drink to make this weekend.  This one is oh so tasty but very very easy. Cocktail calls for: 1 oz of gin 4 oz of lemonade 2-3 slices of cucumber a pinch of ground… Read more »

2nd Friday Cocktail

We hope you guys enjoyed our cocktail Friday night as much as we enjoyed concocting and serving it. We are going to start posting the recipes here so the next time you are having a fancy party or small gathering and you are wishing you had the recipe for ‘that cocktail that you had a… Read more »