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Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail

We went with more of a whimsical idea for our 2nd Friday Art Walk Cocktail . . .


We’ll teach you how to make the gummy bears on their own and how to prepare them in a cocktail drink like we did on the Norman Art Walk.

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Step one: Vodka Soaked Gummy Bear

Pick your desired amount of gummy bears (the ones from your local grocery / candy store taste best, rather than the packaged gummies) and put them in a container with a lid

Fill the container with just enough Vodka covering the gummy bears

Make sure you stir the vodka and gummy bear mixture so that all the gummy bears are covered

In the fridge, let the gummy bears drink up the vodka for 24 – 48 hours (depending on how tipsy you want them to get) *stir every so often so they don’t clump together

Drain the excess vodka in strainer (or) leave aside for step two

If you want the vodka soaked gummy bears on their own, you are ready to eat! Remember! The longer you leave the gummies in the fridge to marinate, the longer they will soak the vodka!


Step Two: Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail


vodka soaked gummy bears

pink lemonade

club soda

vodka (optional)


Set aside your vodka soaked gummy bears from the day before

Make a pitcher of pink lemonade and cut it with some club soda and add desired amount of vodka

Add some ice and 2-100 tipsy gummy bears to the drink and you are ready to drink up!



Share your Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail creation with us on Instagram @thesocialclubok !!!









Watermelon Mint Wine Cocktail

It’s July and we are hitting those triple digits people! I don’t know about you, but when it gets this hot out I feel like doing the bare minimum and still making sure I am cool as a cucumber. And with all these summer soirees we have to attend or host, this cocktail will make you feel fancy as heck (with surprisingly little prep and ingredients)!


Watermelon Mint Wine Cocktail

prep time: 4 mins | serves 2


1 cup watermelon juice, chilled

1 cup pink moscato wine, chilled

1 lime halved

handful of mint leaves

plenty of ice cubes


Fill two stemless wine or cocktail glasses with ice

Pour half of watermelon juice and pink moscato into each glass, distributing evenly

Squeeze in the juice of half a lime, coarsely chop mint leaves

Add and mix with a spoon

Garnish with some extra watermelon pieces + enjoy!


If you have a big party, we were able to make this cocktail for over 300 folks for Norman’s Art Walk! Math isn’t too hard right? We paired it with a nice vanilla wafer cookie.

Don’t forget to share your cocktail recreation with us at @thesocialclubok!


Photo Jun 23, 4 43 23 PM

Are you LUCKY enough to have natural CURLSHere at the SOCIAL CLUB, we love embracing those ringlets and giving you the BEST CUT and color (and styling tips) for loving those SPIRALS!

We have a few stylists that really LOVE working with curly hair…Ask for MISHA, SAVANNAH, OR McKENZIE when booking!!

Photo Jan 10, 1 24 37 PM             Photo Jan 19, 1 25 01 PM


And REMEMBER…if you’re looking for reliable upkeep for those waves and curls, we’re stocked up with the products you NEED!

GRAB the amazing ANALOG Cleansing Foam from R + Co AND their TWISTER Curl Primer


Photo Feb 17, 4 40 27 PM Photo May 03, 6 17 57 PM Photo Jun 06, 3 41 20 PM Photo Apr 04, 1 52 43 PM




Been thinking about going BOLD?!
We love doing VIVID colors and WILD hues!

See below for some examples of gorgeous colorful hair we’ve done lately!



2017-05-10 14.18.59

Amazing right?! We think so too.

_DSF1182 _DSF2762

Recently, we had the amazing colorist, PRESLEY POE, come in for an educational class and we learned so much from her! We are ready to put the skills, tips, and techniques we learned from this class to WORK on your next VIVID color! Here is the beautiful work she did during the class:

_DSF2618 _DSF2606

So come see us! Call us at 405.310.3388 to book your FREE color consultation! We’ll pair you with the stylist best tailored to your needs and get your summer looking COLORFUL!


-The Social Club



The Social Club welcomes McKenzie!

We’ve got a new stylist ABOARD and you’re gonna LOVE her!

2018-04-20 12.58.43

THE SOCIAL CLUB welcomes McKENZIE to the team! If you’re looking for fun colors, hip cuts, and YOUTHFUL locks, McKenzie is your gal!

Here is some of her beautiful work!

_DSF2061 2018-04-18 11.43.01


Isn’t she AMAZING?! Here are a few more just because we love her!

_DSF1058 _DSF0935


She does it all really! Call us at the salon at 405.310.3388 to get an APPOINTMENT with her!

You can also follow her on INSTAGRAM at @YESMUSTARD to get fuller portfolio of her work!




We just keep adding more wonderful STYLISTS to our team!
Our chairs are filling up so fast with AMAZING clients and THE SOCIAL CLUB is getting bigger and bigger.
It truly feels like a JOYOUS little buzzing hive in here most days!


And SPEAKING OF GETTING BIGGER…if you’re looking to pump up the VOLUME of your hair, we’ve definitely got you covered!
GRAB the plumping RODEO STAR Thickening Style Foam AND the amplifying DALLAS Thickening Spray from R + Co!

Photo May 25, 10 30 13 AM





Oh man, we are deep into SPRING and with warmer temps come the desire for BLONDER hair!

Here are a few of our favorite spring inspired BLONDE LOOKS from our super talented STYLISTS recently.


Lovely ROOTY blonde by ERICA




Cute dimensional LOB by HALEY


LONG balayage side part by MISHA


And don’t forget…if you’re taking the plunge and going BLONDER for the season, don’t forget to pick up the SUNSET BLVD SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER from R + Co. We’ve got it here in the salon!

Photo May 17, 1 11 27 PM

See you soon for your appointment!


The Social Club




Dead Week NOT dead hair

Just because it’s DEAD WEEK doesn’t mean your hair has to be DEAD!


Follow along for a couple of great ways to bring your hair back to LIFE

If product build-up is weighing you down and your hair is missing its shine, look no further than the restorative properties of the apple cider vinegar based cleansing rinse from R + Co, ACID WASH! We’ve got it here in the salon for you! And don’t forget the conditioning moisture you’ll get from PALM SPRINGS Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask (for those dead ends that are feeling fried and looking dull)!


Stop buy our salon and grab these restorative products for your DEAD WEEK!



The Social Club


Norman Music Festival Must-haves

NMF (Norman Music Festivalis descending upon US and DOWNTOWN NORMAN soon! April 26th-28th! Our shop and salon will be open Thursday, April 26th and Friday, April 27th…BUT we’ll be closed on Saturday, April 28th to enjoy the festival!

In the meantime, get prepared by coming by and grabbing some essentials to survive the elements and the crowds! 

Our picks for keeping fresh during the festival next weekend: 

A little travel-sized bottle of DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo by R + Co & the perfect peachy lip gloss, FADE THE SUN, by Smith and Cult! Throw ‘em in your bag and you’re all set to freshen up!


 Come by and see us, shop with us, or make your next hair appointment!


Peace + Love Cocktail

Spring is reserved for all things green and refreshing - grass growing back in, tax returns… returning, and salads consumption is at an all time high.  What a time to be alive!  Now is the time to return to your most natural, wonderful you. And we hope this drink can be the perfect counterpart to your groovy Spring! 
.75oz Gin
.25oz Elderflower Liqueur
1 drop of rose water
4oz Tonic
Simply combine the ingredients listed above in that order, and enjoy!