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Next up in our series of “Meet the Stylists” profiles is Lindsay! Read a bit about her and see some of her fantastic work with cuts, colors, and styling!


Lindsay is an incredibly talented stylist with loads of experience and she’s a hair educator too! She graduated from Duncan Brothers School of Hair Design in 2011. She has taken classes at Vidal Sassoon academy in Santa Monica, has been to Sally Rogerson Courses in both mens and womens cutting and has yearly training at the Wella studio in Los Angeles. We are so very lucky to have her on our team!

Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-55-05-1  Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-54-49-1

Lindsay grew up in Seminole, Oklahoma and watched her step-mom style hair for years. She says she’s wanted to be a hairdresser since she was a little girl. She loves being able to elevate people’s looks and help them express themselves. “There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s self confidence boosted!” she says, showing that her passion for people are a huge part of why she does what she does.

Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-51-20-1  Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-55-13-1

Her favorite movie is “My Fair Lady” and she lives by her shortened version of the golden rule– “If you can be one thing, be kind.” She says her mother is the person she’s inspired by the most. “She is the most kind, gentle, generous, loving person I know. I strive to be more like her everyday.”

Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-45-12-1  Screenshot_2017-09-27-10-44-50-1

We are so thankful to have Lindsay on our team. She can tackle color with a calm grace and make a precision cut look effortless.

Wanna book with Lindsay? Call the salon at 405-310-3388 and get your next look on her books



September means the beginning of Fall (whether the weather participates or not), so we decided to make a whiskey drink this month in celebration. After another successful 2nd Friday Art Walk (we are showing Kayli Lyons embroidery work… check it out!) we’ve got you covered with the recipe.

Fair warning: this cocktail has a few more ingredients than normal, but we promise no expert mixology skills are required!


So here’s what you need for a single pitcher of punch…

1/3 cup Simple Syrup

(you can make your own! 1/3 cup sugar in 1/3 cup water.. heat and stir until dissolved)

2.5 cups Orange Juice

1 cup Bourbon

1 cup Triple Sec

1/2 cup Lemon Juice

3 cups Lemon Sparkling Water

Mint and Orange slices to garnish

Mix together all except the Sparkling Lemon Water. Chill until ready to serve- then add Sparkling Lemon Water. Throw in some sliced oranges and a sprig of mint for decoration (and extra yummy flavor). Sit down with friends and enjoy!


Pssst- we think this recipe makes a perfect autumn breakfast cocktail! Did you need a better reason to host a brunch?


The Social Club is so much more than just a shop and a salon. It is a thriving hive of talented and supportive bees! And by bees, we mean “people”, of course. We love that everyone here has their own distinct personality and style. It’s what keeps us inspired and flourishing! So because we dig our people so much, we want to introduce you to them.

We’ll start this series off by focusing on our amazing hair artist, Savannah!


Savannah is originally from Sacramento, California but has lived in Oklahoma long enough that she considers it home. She graduated from Paul Mitchell Cosmetology in 2012, having started her education there right out of high school. Her passion for hair really shines when she gets to do fun and vibrant colors but she’s amazing with natural looking styles as well. She can do it all really. Here are a few of the many looks she knocked out of the park!

16423127_1312743438785020_6495595329826346370_o  20247667_1491919420867420_5141225653930125983_o 20414208_1497998900259472_918981745528066600_o

She’s a bit of a chameleon when it comes to her style–”One day I’ll be as girly as girly can be and the next I’ll be wearing all black everything with sneakers. I just like what I like!”

13765798_1126965870696112_101399131542781148_o 13908804_1135775499815149_6405662956555094735_o

Her favorite movie is “Twister” (who doesn’t love “Twister”, right?….or maybe that’s an Oklahoma thing?) and her celebrity crush when she was growing up was Bow Wow.

13497779_1108389095887123_2467603225810154185_o  o sav

When she’s not making your hair look gorgeous, you can find her watching Netflix or playing with her dogs (actually, no you can’t go find her, that’s her personal time, and it would be weird if you went and found her doing those things outside of the salon, anyways, those are things she likes to do).


We love you Savannah! You rock!

Wanna book with Savannah? Call the Social Club front desk at 405-310-3388 and make your appointment!

5 Ways to Simplify Your Hair Routine!

You’re busy. We know the feeling! School’s back in session, work is amping up, summer relaxation vibes are slipping away. Our to-do lists just keep getting longer and longer. Most of the time how we are doing our hair is the LAST thing on our mind. But we’ve got a few quick ideas to keep your hair looking great even when there is just no time to fuss with it!



This is a no-brainer. Everyone talks about it, everyone uses it. It’s really just a perfect product. If these are two words you’ve never heard together and this is completely new concept to you—here’s a quick rundown. Dry shampoo is a product (usually a spray, powder, or paste) that you apply to the scalp and roots of the hair. It absorbs oil and gives the roots of the hair texture and “oomph” to liven up flat or lifeless hair. It can also be sparsely applied to the rest of the body of the hair to provide texture and volume! Here at the Social Club, we live and die by the R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo Spray and the R + Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste (both of which we have here in the salon if you want to buy some!). Both of these products really help us create our signature laid-back, “woke up like this” hair vibe! It’s just minimal effort with a great product for a huge hair payoff!

Here is a quick video on how to use the BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste !

And, also, another quick vid on the basics of the DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo Spray !



It’s so easy to move into auto-pilot—brushing that hair out and parting it in the same place every time or letting it fall in its natural part. BUT one of the easiest ways to switch up your look and look like you spent a little more time on your hair is just trying a new part! We’re partial to a sexy, deep, side part, also known as the side flip! It just adds a little jazz to your normal every day down ‘do.

DEEP SIDE SHORT   deep side part long

Just saturate the roots of your hair with salt spray (we’ve got the amazing R + Co Rockaway Salt Spray on hand here in the salon) and blowdry the roots while pulling up, up, and away from your head. Back comb the front part of your hair in one inch sections and spray a little hairspray or dry shampoo on the base of each section. Flip your hair over to one side, smooth out the top a little, muss it up a bit, and finish with a light hairspray if you like! You’ll have some seriously cool hair in 5 minutes. AND since we all like a little demonstration, here’s a short little video showing you the way.

Cool-Girl Side Flip


3. STYLE WHILE YOU SLEEP with twists and braids

You can actually say “woke up like this” and not be made a liar with this next tip. Many of us like to shower at night instead of the morning, but sleeping on wet hair can make for some crazy hair problem solving come waking time. The first key is doing a really good towel dry. Make sure you get as much moisture out of your hair as possible (without twisting and pulling though, please! This stresses and breaks your hair!) by patting, massaging, and squeezing hair in your towel. Run a wide tooth comb through to de-tangle and apply some lightweight styling cream to the towel dried hair (the R + Co High Dive Moisture Shine Cream is great for this, and we’ve got that here in the salon too).

Honestly, you can sleep with the hair down just after these few little steps and it’ll probably look great in the morning after a little head flip and tussle at the roots BUT we’ll take you one step further. You can either put the hair up into two twisted top knots or leave it down in 2-6 very loose braids while you sleep. Go for scrunchies to secure the hair so there won’t be creases in the hair when it dries. In the morning, take the hair down, flip your head over and tussle it at the roots and you’re good to go with some killer loose waves!



Maybe this is a personal preference, but I LOVE TOPSY TAILS! I did when I was in 4th grade and I still do. And it’s the perfect hairstyle to make you feel a little special without spending hardly any extra time. And don’t worry, you don’t need the weird plastic hoop stick tool from the 90′s to do this either. Once you know the basic move of the topsy tail you can do so much with it–wear it in a low ponytail, 2 low pigtails, a higher ponytail, upside down….the sky’s the limit. So here is a page showing you how to do the topsy tail move:

Topsy Tail Basics

Once you’ve got that flip n’ twist down, you can try out lots of different styles, or just go for that classic, low ponytail. We love it all! Make sure to mess it up and rough it up a bit though when you’re done to keep it from looking too schoolgirl-ish.

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Break up your routine with a new routine! Sounds nuts-o right? Well, it has been said that people who wear the same thing everyday are more productive, SO let’s think about that in terms of hair too! Our hair isn’t the same every day– some days it’s dry, some days it’s oily, some days it’s frizzy, other days it’s flat. We’re going to want to style our hair differently depending on how it’s behaving BUT, after you’ve put down the brush or the blow-dryer, pick up that signature hair accessory that makes you—YOU! It could be a clip, some colored bobby pins, a bandana, a scarf, a comb….but find something you really like that can go with many different things. Soon, it’ll be a fashion statement that people recognize as being YOUR THING! Fun right?

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We hope all this inspires you to live out your cool girl and cool woman hair dreams! You can always come into the salon at THE SOCIAL CLUB for product recommendations and any questions you have! And we can give you that cut and color that is going to work best for your lifestyle from day to day. We’re located at 209 East Main Street in Downtown Norman, Oklahoma if you forgot or are new to us. Can’t wait to see and hear from you!


Somehow another month has passed, and the Art Walkers have come out once again for August’s 2nd Friday Art Walk. With the days so hot and humid lately, this month we decided to cool it down with a refreshing Pineapple Rum Punch. In case you missed it–or are just dying to recreate it–we’ve got you covered with the recipe once again.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


2 oz Pineapple juice

2 oz Ginger Ale

1 oz Rum of choice

Pineapple slices


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Mix the juice, ginger ale and rum in a cocktail glass. Throw in a pineapple slice (or 2 or 3) for added flavor. Garnish with a sprig of Thyme and you are ready to drink! However, as usual, summer drinks are best enjoyed with friends. Preferably on a porch or lakeshore. While listening to some local Oklahoma musicians. For extras, just maintain the ratio (2:2:1) and you’ve got a punch to share all day long.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Here at The Social Club, we have a habit of wanting to try things ourselves. Call it FOMO, call it an adventurous spirit, call it whatever you want- we just can’t stand to miss out on the fun. One of our most recent projects has been creating our very own hand-poured candles. What started as a seasonal holiday endeavor has transformed into a full blown line of candles. Check out a little bit of the process below.

process 3 process 4

First, the glasses. We decided to use some of our personally deisgned “The Social Club” grid glassware (who knew a design could compliment both whiskey AND candles?!).

process 5 process 6 process 8

Next step: candle chemistry. Combine some wax, a little secret scent mixology, and add to heat.

process 7 process 9 process 10

And finally, The Big Pour! We set the wicks and went to work.

Swing by the shop and smell these most recent pours.

Rosé All Day: Roses

Take a Hike: Oak Moss and Amber

Good Vibes Only: Tropical Fruits and Sugared Citrus

Sweet Summer Nights: Honeysuckle


The dog days of summer are upon us, and to fight the Oklahoma heat we mixed up a Dirty Arnold Palmer for this month’s 2nd Friday Art Walk! Refreshing and simple, even the most novice mixologist can whip up this delicious drink. In case you missed it (or just can’t get enough), we’ve got the recipe for you.


So here’s what you’ll need:

2 oz Lemonade

2 oz Iced Tea

1 oz Vodka of choice

Lemon to garnish

Mix lemonade and iced tea (you know, an Arnold Palmer). Add the vodka, garnish with a lemon slice, and you’re ready to drink!


Psssst… although one serving is nice, this recipe is so easy we suggest making an entire batch to share. Just mimic the ratio and you’re ready for a day by the pool!


2nd Friday Art Walk has come and gone again, and this month we are featuring artist McKenzie Fisher! (Or, should we say opportunartist… but more on that later). Utilizing shape and color, McKenzie’s art reminds us how elegant geometry can be. Scroll down to find out more about McKenzie and her process, as well as catch a sneak peek of her display. Then head on over to the shop and snag your favorite piece before they’re gone!


“This collection is called ‘Undone’ because I don’t feel like any of my items are ever perfect. They have mini imperfections that add to the beauty of their design.”


“I am always crazy wild busy, whether it’s going to barber school, working full time, or trying to keep my social life somewhat alive. So when I’m trying to take a step back and just have some relaxing moments here and there, I like to make art.”



“By no means do I consider myself a traditional ‘artist.’ I would probably call myself an opportunartist. Yeah, that’s a made up word. I do feel like it’s the correct term for what I do.  I have a few hours to kill, some yarn or a pen sitting around, and I just make things.”


A little more about McKenzie:

Fave cocktail: I know I’m a wild woman, but I love a nice vodka on ice with a large amount of fresh lime juice. Some would say I’m a purist.

Fave way to relax: I like to relax by shaking things out. Having a lil baby dance party, or rearranging my house. It’s just a great stress reliever to me.

Fave thing about Oklahoma: I’ve never found another place that I loved the sunsets as much. I always compare other states that I’ve visited. And none of them hold up in the competition.

Guilt pleasure music: My bff Sam can tell you how crazy my iTunes are. It’s just FILLED with guilty pleasures. I would have to say Gavin DeGraw and Hanson are my personal faves. I listen to them almost daily. Eeeek.

Something no one knows about me: Well I talk… a lot. So I’m almost sure that I’ve told everything about  myself to at least a handful of people. But if I had to guess, I would say that I have like 10 journals that are all very specific. Thankful journals, drunk journals, drawing journals, and haiku journals. And everything in between it feels like. It’s funny- as if I don’t talk enough with personal interactions that I have to talk to myself at home.



INSTAGRAM: @yesmustard

EMAIL: [email protected]


Rosé Spritzer

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Oklahoma, which means its time to go a little more light and refreshing in our cocktail choices. In case you missed us at Art Walk last we weekend, we hung out with artist Teddy Grider and served a summery Rosé Spritzer!

 Now here’s what you’ll need…
5 ounces Rosé of your choice

Fresh strawberries, chunked
Fresh mint leaves
1 lemon, sliced
Club soda
Place 1-2 tablespoons of strawberries & 2-3 slices of lemon in the bottom of a glass and muddle until juicy. Fill with ice and Rosé, then top with club soda to taste. Garnish with lemon slice and mint leaves.
Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you can just soak the strawberries and lemon in the Rosé for awhile– we’ll never tell. Sit back and stay refreshed as those temperatures climb.


Art Walk has once again come and gone, and this month we celebrated with our friends from 405 Brewing Co! May’s cocktail creation was a Sour Wolf: perfect for the craft beer lovers who are craving a little extra kick.


If you’re feeling  rebellious, here’s how to make this Sour Wolf…


You’ll need:

3 oz  – 405′s Grapefruit Sour

1 oz — Gin (we recommend Loyal Gin from Prairie Wolf Spirits)

Lime to garnish


Just combine the beer and gin, thrown in a lime and you are ready to go! We suggest taking home a growler from the taproom and making enough to share with friends.